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  • Are there any nicopouches with tobacco flavor?

    People have been asking us, "Are there any All-White / Super White / Nicotine pouches / nicopods / nicopouches with tobacco flavor?"

    The answer is YES! Actually as we write today, there are 2 brands who have it...
  • General G.3 T.N.T now available

    General G.3 T.N.T Slim White Dry Super Strong is now in the house of Swebest Snus Philippines!
  • General ONE and Göteborgs Rapé ONE becomes ONE

    A CLOSER SNUS EXPERIENCE with THE ONE CREATED WITH SWEDISH SNUSERS The Swedes have been snusin' since ancient times and today, Sweden consists of o...
  • Snus News Philippines

    Hi, snus users! Here we´ll update you about snus news in the Philippines.