Swave from Gotlandssnus now in the Philippines

The white nicopods without tobacco has become popular around the world, and now Gotlandssnus, makers of Jakobsson's Snus, has created their own brand.

Swave is a completely new product line with tropical and fruity flavors that offers a fast delivery of nicotine, with a clear and long-lasting taste with less drip.

They come in two different flavors, Daiquiri and Tropic Spritz.

Daiquiri comes with the flavor of melon and a touch of pear. If you're a fan of Jakobsson's Melon snus, then you'll recognize its flavor.

Tropic Spritz has a taste of Pineapple which is not a common flavor in either snus or nicotine pouches, but we think that Gotlandssnus did this one pretty good!

They are now available and you can buy them at https://swebest.com/collections/swave