LOOP Nicotine Pouches now at Swebest Snus Philippines


Loop is an entirely new brand from a new manufacturer, Another Snus Factory. The snus comes in the world's first eco-friendly snus can which they call, the PlantCan. It is made of 50% plant-based material and 50% recycled plastic, and was developed in order to reduce the environmental impact of their products! Their cans are playful as their logo comes with different designs.

They come in four different flavors: Jalapeno Lime, Mint Mania, Salty Ludicris and Sicily Spiritz.

  • Loop Jalapeno Lime Strong is quite sweet, but has an acidity that gives balance to the sweetness and aromas together with a mild heat of peppery green jalapeño. Unexpected, but a completely irresistible combination.
  • Loop Mint Mania Strong has a fresh taste with a strong mint character and hints of mild sweetness.
  • The summery Loop Siciliy Spritz combines the taste of refreshing orange balanced with some bitterness and a refreshing touch of lime.
  • Salty Ludicris comes with salty licorice and fruity raspberries that together create a perfect mix.

You can find the products here at Swebest Snus Philippines.