Are there any nicopouches with tobacco flavor?

People have been asking us, "Are there any All-White / Super White / Nicotine pouches / nicopods / nicopouches with tobacco flavor?"

The answer is YES! Actually as we write today, there are 2 brands who have it - Shiro and White Fox.

Shiro Virginia Classic and White Fox Black Edition.

Shiro Virginia Classic was the first tobacco-free snus nicopouches with tobacco flavor on the market. The flavor has an earthy presence, a mild sweetness, and a light caramel taste. It's very interesting. It doesn't taste like a clone of tobacco, but it's reminiscent of tobacco and has a tobacco-like presence, if that makes any sense.

White Fox Black Edition comes with tastes of dark "tobacco" (despite its tobacco free contents), a bit smoky, and a fresh after taste of rose. The nicotine strength lands around 30 - 34mg/g which is enough to give you a real kick!

You can find both of them at Swebest Snus Philippines.